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Vali is equipped with unique 50mm drivers using ultra-lightweight paper composite diaphragms that are exclusively designed with award-winning manufacturer, Peerless® by Tymphany.

They offer great sensitivity, while reducing unwanted resonance and distortion. Its audio performance is then carefully tuned by our Russian engineers to ensure that nothing falls below excellence.

The diaphragm is specially designed and made of a composite paper cone shielded in multi-layered laminated film.

Composite paper has been well known and widely used in speaker manufacturing because of the following reasons which you can also expect from Kennerton’s Vali.

- Low mass : Increases the response time to an incoming signal, while minimising the decay time. The result is a rich and emotional sound.

- High internal damping : Minimum, almost zero additional resonances produced. The result is a smooth and vivid presentation.

- Excellent stiffness : Allows the cone to oscillate without bending. The result is a much reduced distortion.

The mulit-layered laminated film further reduces the distortion by allowing the cone to move easily in perfect piston motion.

The Body of Vali

The materials we selected for Vali are very specific. The cups are made from naturally treated exotic Peruvian Walnut.

Those beautiful wood grains are complemented by a strong yet lightweight structure made of aviation-grade aluminium and steel.

To prevent any unwanted resonance, the honeycomb grille is made of cast zinc alloy which is acoustically inert.

Designed to reduce long listening fatigue, Vali has patented 3D adjustable headband, made of genuine lambskin leather, and coupled with large, soft leather earpads to provide a supportive and comfortable fit.

High quality detachable 4-pin mini XLR cable with OFC USSR-military use litz wire further ensures that clear, undistorted audio signal from the headphones will be dutifully delivered.

We only use the finest materials:

- Ear cups are made from Peruvian walnut wood

The gorgeous deep brown wood is known to resonate clear sound with warm overtones and rich bass. A key reason why Walnut wood are usually reserved for producing some of the finest guitars.

- The wood is impregnated with natural oil and processed with the mix of bee and carnauba waxes

- All joints are made of aerospace grade die-cast aluminium and steel parts, ensuring high durability and reliability

- As the metal grille is located right behind the driver in an open-back design, any reflected wave will interfere with sound.

Thus acoustically inert Zinc alloy is selected to prevent and unnecessary resonances.

- Old USSR military grade copper litz wire, terminating to a mini-XLR, is carefully selected to bring out the best audio performance

- Luxurious lambskin leather headband and ear cushions ensure extreme comfort for long listening pleasure

Optimal Inner Structure:

To maximize the potential of an excellent driver, it is hugely important to ensure that it works in a perfect condition to manage the resonant and reflected waves.

With Vali, it went through countless experiments to ensure that we create a unique solution that allows the drivers to perform in the purest capability.

Specifications :

- Driver Type : Dynamic Driver

- Driver Unit : 50 mm

- Frequency Response : 10 - 28 kHz

- Sensitivity : 100 dB

- Impedance : 32 Ohm

- Cord length : 2 m detachable mini XLR OFC cable (3.5 mm)

Accessories Included :

- Hardcase

- Cable

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