• Primo 8

'Phase-Coherent, Quad-Speaker Earphones'

Review :


Features :

- Ideal Balance and Accuracy

- With two bass speakers working in tandem, the listener experiences the purest, most natural bass possible.

- Proprietary Cable Design (Kevlar Silk Core, Inner Layer 7x Silver Wire, Outer Layer Copper Wire,)

Utilizes a proprietary two layers of star-pattern wires (Kevlar Silk, silver and OFC copper wires) with ground-breaking technologies to achieve incredibly accurate sound reproduction.

Isolated left and right ground wiring reduces inter-channel crosstalk while maximizing channel separation.

Specifications :

- Sensitivity : 118 dB

- Frequency Response : 18 Hz ~ 22 kHz

- Impedance : 38 Ohm

- Cable Length : 55.1in (140cm)

- Weight : 19.3 g

Accessories Included :

- 2 pairs of Comply Isolation foam ear tips (M, L)

- 8 pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M, L, XL)

- 51.2" (130cm) detachable cable with microphone

(An optional non-mic cable accessory is available for purchase)

- 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter and one airline adapter

- Leather Pouch

- Cleaning tool

- microfiber cleaning cloth

Bonus Primo HPC-8 Cable

- 130 cm detachable cable with MMCX Connectors (without microphone)

- Utilizes a proprietary 2 layers of star-pattern wires (Kevlar Silk, Silver, and OFC Copper Wires) with groundbreaking technologies to achieve incredibly accurate sound reproduction.

- Kevlar Silk Core, Inner Layer 7x Silver Wire, Outer Layer Copper Wire (9 Bundles of 7 Insulated Strands)

- Isolated left and right ground wiring reduces interchannel crosstalk while maximizing channel separation

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Primo 8

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