• Geek Pulse

'Either Smartphones or Computers, we've go you covered'

Features :

- Supports

a. PCM (16/ 24/ 32-bit) 44.1 - 384 kHz

b. DSD (Native 1-bit DSD 64 & DSD 128)

c. DSD over PCM (DoP)

- Inputs

a. USB (Computer or Smartphone via OTG)

USB is the primary input for the Geek Pulse, however it will accept digital input from external sources via :

b. AES / EBU

c. 2 sets of SPDIF (via RCA Coaxial)


- Outputs

a. 1/4" Single-ended TRS

b. Balanced XLR 4-pin

c. RCA Line Out

- Gain

a. Low, is best suited for high sensitivity / low impedance headphones and IEMs.

b. Medium, is best suited for mid sensitivity / mid impedance Headphones.

c. High, is best suited for low sensitivity / high impedance Headphones.

Be sure to test all modes to see which works the best for the given situation.

* Please lower the volume before switching to higher gain level

- Jitter Removal Technology

Patent Pending, 3L buffer by Light Harmonic Dual loop re-clock for all digital audio inputs

- Digital Filters

Digital filters are used to remove artifacts in the digital signal caused by audio sampling.

The Geek Pulse offers the following filters :

a.TCM (Time Coherence Mode)

Uses LH Labs minimum phase digital filter and time optimization algorithm which removes all post ring from the original signal, and realigns the impulse response.

This presents the listener with a more well-defined and natural soundstage.

b. FRM (Frequency Response Mode)

Uses LH Labs slow roll-off linear digital filter and frequency domain optimization algorithm to provide a smoother and clearer sound with even lower THD+N

c. SSM (Stable Streaming Mode)

A digital filter to optimize audio from streaming sites, such as Spotifiy and Tidal.

(This filter is still in development, and will be added via future firmware update)

- Volume Setting

a. Knob Control, uses the physical volume knob to increase / decrease volume.

b. USB Control, uses the computer system / application software volume controls to increase / decrease the volume.

- Remote Control

The Geek Pulse allows remote access to volume functions (increase / decrease / mute), as well as menu navigation and selection. At this time the Apple Remote is the only supported device.

To pair the remote to the Geek Pulse, press the Menu and right directional button at the same time while pointing the remote at the Geek Pulse.

After 5 seconds a Pairing Code will appear on the display.

* Once an Apple Remote has been paired with a Geek Pulse, it cannot be unpaired.

Specifications :

- DAC : ESS9018K2M

- Analog Components : OPA1652, LM4562, TPA6120A2, LME49990

- Headphone Single-ended Output Voltage and Impedance : 2.1Vrms (47 ohm)

- Headphone Balanced Output Voltage and Impedance : 1.8V/ 3V/ 6.8V switchable (0.47 Ohm flat in

20 - 20kHz)

- Frequency Response : 1 - 50 kHz (-3dB) control by Bessel analog filter

- Power Input : 12V DC - 650 mA - 950 mA depends on system load and sampling rate

(Compatible with Geek LPS/4 12V DC 1200mA port input)

** Note **

When the Geek Pulse is turned on and off there will be a popping noise sent through the headphone output, as well as all line outputs.

These are the power caps in the signal chain charging and discharging.

This is a conscious design to not add buffer as it would affect the sound quality.

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Geek Pulse

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