• Corda Jazz

This amplifier may use a relatively simple enclosure but at the inside it offers many technological ingredients not found in any other headphone amplifier in this price-range.

The JAZZ uses the concept of active balanced headphone ground and has a discrete volume control.

As a result there are no audible channel-imbalances and sound is clean, detailed, and powerful.

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Features :

- OPA209 op-amps biased into class-A.

- Sturdy anodized Alumunium Enclosure

- A total of 4 BURR-BROWN BUF634 buffer amplifiers at the left, the right, and the ground output channel.

- 1 pair of analog RCA-inputs (gold-plated)

- 1 stereo 3.5 mm input (silver-plated)

- Active balanced headphone Ground.

- Signal paths and its components at the bottom side of the PCB for maximal shielding.

- Low impedance electrolytic Buffer Capacitors (Nichicon). Total Buffer capacity 39.000 uF.

- Bypass capacitors in the power supply.

- Crossfeed filter switch which helps to strongly reduce listening fatigue.

  Stereo / Crossfeed OFF


  Crossfeed ON

- Polystyrol and Polypropylen Capacitors in the signal path.

- Metalfilm Resistors in the signal path.

- Sophisticated Volume Control

The position of the potentiometer is measured with the use of an AD-converter.

The output of this converter is then used to set the proper volume level with a number of electronic switches. There are a total of 32 levels which allows for sufficient small stepsizes and a very analog feeling. The advantages of this concept are strongly reduced channel-imbalances and a much cleaner and more detailed sound.

The use of a conventional stereo-potentiometer does add its own sonic signature which is now prevented.

- Built-in groundloop breaker.

- Double regulated voltage lines.

Specifications :

- Size: 22.2 x 10.6 x 6.0 cm

- Weight: 1.0 kg

- Output impedance < 0,1 ohm

- Maximum output 15V / 300 mA.

- Discrete volume control. Typical stepsize 1.4 dB, 31 steps.

- Gain switch. Maximum gain factors +0 / +16 dB

- Input impedance 18 kOhm

- 10 Watts toroidal transformer.

- 110V and 220V mains power switchable.

- Power uptake 5 Watts

Available Colors :

- Silver

- Black

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Corda Jazz

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