• WA6
'Single-ended Triode Class-A, All Tube Drive, Output Transformer Coupled'

High performance headphone amplifier in a compact size. Realistic, warm, smooth sound.

Versatile design to drive a wide range of full-sized headphones and in-ear monitors.

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Features :

- Point-to-Point wiring

- One 5AR4 rectifier tube. Direct substitute: 5U4G

- Two 6DE7 drive/power tubes

- Pseudo-dual power supply

- All tubes. No semi-conductors in the entire circuitry

- High or low headphone impedance switch

- One 1/4" (6.3mm) headphone jack

- 80 watts specially made toroidal power transformer.

- Full aluminum die-cast chassis, anodized finish

- Whole aluminum volume knob and power switch button

- Gold-plate RCA

- Silver-plated hook-up wires in Teflon jacket

Specifications :

- Headphones impedance : 8-600 Ohms

- Input impedance : 100 Kilo-Ohms

- Frequency response: 20Hz - 30kHz, -3dB

- Signal/Noise: 93 dB

- THD : <= 0.3%

- Voltage: AC 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz

- External dimension: 6"(H), 5½(W), 13"(D)

- Weight: 6.14 kg

Brief Introduction to 6DE7 :

6DE7 is a dual triode tube, consisting of one drive triode and one power triode. Its performance is similar to a combination of a 6SN7 and a 2A3.

Tubes Upgrade (buy separately, please call for pricing) :

- Rectifier tubes upgrade 1, Takatsuki TA-274B (1 pc) with 1-year warranty

Takatsuki 274B offer ultimate performance to any current production 274B's. Users have claimed that it exceeds the quality to NOS Western Electric 274B.

- Rectifier tube upgrade 2, Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 274B (1 pc) with 30-day warranty

To impact WA6's sound quality or for your super backup.

Sophia Electric™ 274B tube is a premium rectifier tube for a 5U4/5R4/5AR4 direct replacement with 3X longer plate structure, thus it has a deeper, wider sound stage and even smoothier sound than Mullard 5AR4.

- Drive/Power tube option 1, one matched pair of 6GL7/6EM7 plus 1 pair of 6GL7->6DE7 Teflon tube adapters (2 tubes + 2 adapters)

The 6GL7/6EM7 is the ultimate driver/power tube for the WA6. It has great extension and excellent clarity on all frequency range. You will hear each note with breathing air around it. The sound is smooth and well balanced.

This tube is compatible to the WA6. You will need to use a tube adapter becaue the pin layout is different than the 6DE7/6EW7. It is a twin triode tube with high amplification factor. It produces higher output.

- Drive/Power tube option 2, one matched pair of 7N7 plus one pair of Teflon tube adapters (2 tubes + 2 adapters)

The 7N7 is a substitute tube to a 6DE7. It is usable on the WA6 with a 9-pin to Lokctal tube adapter. We highly recommended it as it is sonically superior to any direct substitute tubes of the WA6.

Note that the 7N7 is not compatible with WA6-SE.

- Drive/Power tube option 3, one matched pair of 6SN7GT plus one pair of Teflon tube adapters (2 pcs)

The 6SN7 is well known driver tube which is also compatible to the WA6 (not compatible to the WA6-SE). It is usable on the WA6 with a 9-pin to 8-pin tube adapter.

- Drive/Power tube option 4, one matched pair of 6DR7

NOS tube.

Accessories included :

* 1 pair of 6DE7 (or equivalent) and 1 tube rectifier are included.

* AC Power cord and RCA interconnect cables are not included.

Available Colors :

- Silver

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